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Welcome to Silo Ink

“In 2008, what started off as a research project became the foundation of our business today. With every statistic collected, the environmental impact of ink cartridges was disheartening. The pace of cataclysmic destruction of Mother Earth was increasing to its highest level ever with affordable ink jet printers hitting the market. At the same time, news of a recession had stymied years of growth and hard working people are now starting to lose their jobs. A “spend less, save more” mentality had been adopted by many, but in one particular area, spending less proved amazingly difficult: printer consumables. In an increasingly paperless world, there remains a steady demand of ink jet printers for many applications. Most everyone knows that inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid in the world and we didn’t see a valid reason for why that is. These two issues quickly became the focal point of our mission at Silo Ink”.